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Quick Tour

AMPT Interface

Labeled Interface

Name and Status Hamburger Menu Scroll Bar Metadata Section Accordion (expanded state) Underwater Selection Update Metadata button (inactive state) Input Section Comments Tab Reference Points Tab Lengths Tab Save Comments Button (active state) Length Display Accordian (collapsed state) Body Profile Display Render checkbox Select All Clear All Body Profile selection scrollbar Load CSV View CSV Save CSV Export CSV


  1. Image filename and CSV saved/unsaved indicator
  2. Hamburger menu

    1. About: About the plugin (license, dependencies, etc.)
    2. User Guide: The plugin user guide, opens in a new browser window
    3. Configuration Options

      1. Import Configuration
      2. Export Configuration
      3. Restore Default Configuration
      4. Show Configuration Location
  3. Medata section of AMPT panel

    1. Accordion (expanded state)
    2. Underwater selection
    3. Update Metadata button (inactive state)
  4. Input section of AMPT panel

    1. Comments tab (active when blue)
    2. Reference points tab
    3. Lengths measurements tab
    4. Save comment button (active state)
  5. Length Measurements section of AMPT panel displays lengths data

    1. Accordion (collapsed state)
  6. Body Profiles section of AMPT panel display

    1. Render checkbox
    2. Select All button
    3. Clear All button
  7. Load CSV

  8. View CSV
  9. Save CSV
  10. Export CSV