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This tutorial explains how to install ImageJ and the AMPT plugin.

Download Fiji

Download and unpack Fiji using the distribution appropriate for your platform from the Fiji Download site.

Launch Fiji.

Install AMPT

Note that these instructions are a specific instance of the more generalized Following an Update Site instructions from ImageJ.

Start the Updater.

Start the ImageJ Updater (Help > Update...)

Start ImageJ Updater

Add a new update site

Click on the Manage update sites button to bring up the site management dialoag.

If AMPT is not already in the list of update sites, add AMPT as a new update site.




Ensure that the checkbox on the left (in the Active column, though the column header may not be visible) is checked.

Close the dialog.

Add AMPT Update Site

Apply changes

At this point, the ImageJ Updater will show an option to install the AMPT plugin and its dependencies. Apply the changes.

Apply changes for AMPT installation


Once the plugin has been installed, ImageJ must be restarted. Upon restart, the AMPT plugin will be available from the Plugins menu.

AMPT in Plugins menu